The importance of cleaning in the vacuum coating process

2021/4/9 20:15:39

The cleaning of the vacuum coating processing surface is very important, which directly affects the quality of the electroplated product. The processed parts must be carefully cleaned before plating before entering the coating room. Surface contamination comes from various dust, lubricating oil, machine oil, polishing paste, grease, sweat stains, etc. adhered to the workpiece during processing, transmission, and packaging. In order to avoid defects caused during processing, vacuum plating manufacturers can basically use degreasing or chemical cleaning methods to remove them.

The clean surface that has been cleaned cannot be stored in an atmospheric environment. It should be stored in a closed container or cleaning cabinet to reduce dust contamination. The storage of glass substrates in freshly oxidized aluminum containers can minimize the adsorption of hydrocarbon vapors. Because these containers preferentially adsorb hydrocarbons. Vacuum coating processing should generally be stored in a vacuum drying box for highly unstable and water-vapor-sensitive surfaces.

Vacuum coating processing removes the dust in the coating room, setting up a clean workshop, and maintaining a high degree of indoor cleanliness is the basic requirement of the coating process on the environment. In areas with high air humidity, in addition to carefully cleaning the substrate and various parts in the vacuum chamber before plating, baking and degassing should also be carried out. To prevent oil from being carried into the vacuum chamber, pay attention to the oil return of the oil diffusion pump, and take oil blocking measures for the diffusion pump with high heating power.
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