Shenzhen Yaowei Coating Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2012. Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to providing our customers with high-quality metal surface treatment and processing services. Through our active development, hard work and innovation, honest service and excellent quality, To win the recognition and support of customers. Through the efforts of all technical management cadres, the company was awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" qualification enterprise in 2020. Now the company is mainly engaged in zinc alloy U disk die-casting, water plating processing, PVD vacuum coating processing, continuous electroplating processing of material strips, etc., with auxiliary processes such as polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, surface grinding, laser carving, color separation, etc. (outside) , To realize the integrated processing service of metal parts surface treatment and processing. Now the main processing: zinc alloy U disk shell manufacturing, new materials and new processes for the surface treatment and processing of metal parts of products in the industries of computers, mobile phones, clocks, optical communications, digital cameras, etc. Development and production.

There are nearly 200 employees in the company, of which 15% are professional technicians and management personnel, 20% are quality assurance, technical, and R&D personnel, and 65% are basic operators. The company now has two water plating workshops and one PVD vacuum coating workshop. The production plant covers an area of 4,000 square meters. It has three automatic water plating lines, 2 continuous strip processing electroplating lines, and 9 automatic PVD vacuum coating machines and configuration. Complete quality testing center. Existing plating types: pearl nickel, bright nickel, semi-gloss nickel, trivalent chromium, chemical nickel, nickel sulfamate, pearl gun, pearl chrome, gun color, PVD black, DLC, PVD gold, PVD chrome, PVD gun Color, PVD seven colors, PVD space gray, etc. At the same time, the company has the ability to develop new plating types and new colors, and can develop projects in line with customer needs. We have a set of strict testing equipment and testing methods for the thickness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating to ensure that the products can be based on The customer's requirements are produced and meet the customer's shipping inspection standards.

The company's quality management and daily management all follow the IS09001.2015 and ISO14001.2015 dual system standards and clean production standards for management and operation. All products comply with EU ROSH standards.

We will closely follow the development of the market and the requirements of customers, strive to win the recognition and support of customers with stable quality, accurate delivery, and reasonable prices, and become a trusted cooperative partner of customers.

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