What should be paid attention to when electroplating?

2021/4/9 20:14:37

Electroplating is the first choice of materials. Generally, the most commonly used material is steel. For high-end products, we will use silver, followed by copper and alloys. Many of the alloys are due to die-casting and are greatly affected by the temperature and the blank material. Generally, it is not recommended to choose vacuum plating. Water plating rack plating is a good choice. For steel, either water plating or vacuum can be done, and the effect of the finished product is very good, it is generally recommended to choose!

The second is cleaning. The cleaning must be clean. After the product is polished, there will be polishing liquid or polishing paste on the surface, which will affect the electroplating, so the ultrasonic pickling must be thorough.

The choice of process is also very important. Try to do the vacuum plating and the color retention and wear resistance are relatively better. The color retention time is related to the thickness of the plating. The thicker the thickness, the higher the cost. The thickness of the vacuum ion plating film is a little thinner than that of the water plating. For thick gold plating, water plating is generally recommended.

Packaging is the last process. If the plating is good, the packaging is not easy to scratch, if there is a specific packaging bag or box packaging is best
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