What are the characteristics of vacuum coating?

2021/4/9 20:11:15

What are the characteristics of vacuum coating compared with other coating methods? Now the editor of the electroplating processing plant will talk to you about the specific features:
1. Vacuum coating can coat metal, alloy, semiconductor thin film and various compound thin films on the solid substrate, and the composition of the thin film can be adjusted in a wide range.
2. Vacuum coating can coat various functional films with high purity, high density, and strong bonding with the substrate. In particular, various metal hardware products, large-scale integrated circuits, small-molecule organic display devices, and many other devices that require the main film can only be prepared under vacuum conditions, and other molding technologies cannot meet the requirements.
3. Vacuum coating has no pollution to the environment, especially the PVD method.
4. Vacuum coating is a coating that requires vacuum equipment to complete, so the cost is relatively high, but vacuum coating products have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and environmental protection. Products can pass ROHS testing.
What is vacuum coating technology?
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